Top Traveling Tips for Our Seniors

Today, more and more seniors are taking advantage of non-emergency transportation services to see the world. These companies offer travel packages all over the world that include hotel accommodations, event tickets, and food vouchers. They specialize in providing safe transportation during commutes and sightseeing excursions for individuals who may be too old or ill to go out on their own. If you know someone who is traveling with a non-emergency transportation company soon, check out this list of things they will need beforehand so they can enjoy their trip without leaving anything behind:

Travel Case

A traveling case is an absolute necessity when it comes to a long trip abroad. While some people choose to use a carry-on bag, many seniors find that it is more comfortable to bring a traveling case along with them. This way they have enough room for all of their belongings and do not have to worry about squeezing the toothpaste tube in half to make it fit into a tiny travel kit designed for teens. When buying one, check for:

  • Compact Size (It should easily fit into the front seat of most vehicles).
  • -Tough exterior material (this will protect the contents from breakage).

Safety Belt

No matter how old someone is or how steady she thinks her legs are, this safety belt should be worn at all times while onboard. These belts go around the waist and clip-on tightly. They will keep seniors from falling down in case of an accident and can easily be removed once people get off the bus or plane.

Sleep Mask

A traveling mask is a must for light sleepers who do not want to disturb the bright lights throughout the trip. These masks cover eyes gently and allow for a good night’s rest when one might otherwise toss and turn with the annoyance of being awake. When looking for these items, remember that they should:


  • Ber comfortable (easy to put on and take off).
  • Create a strong enough dark shade to block out all light.


Sleeping is so much easier when there is no sound to interrupt. Earplugs can be purchased in any major drugstore, and they are easy to bring along when traveling. These items should:

  • Fit comfortably inside the ear canal (do not be tempted by the ones that have a cotton backing).
  • Create a tight enough seal so that no noise gets through.

Motion Sickness Remedy

This item is best for people who get sick on long car rides with little stops. If one of your parents begins to feel queasy or disoriented, this is an excellent remedy for feeling better. These non-drowsy pills will calm down stomach pains and headaches caused by travel sickness, and they can easily be slipped into a purse without taking up much room. When looking for these items:

  • Keep away from anything with a scent or flavor.
  • Be sure to read the directions carefully ( it should be taken at least 60 minutes before traveling).

Clear Tote Bag

A clear tote bag is essential when traveling. It can be used as a carry-on while at the airport and, in case luggage gets lost, it will allow your parents to see what they have packed. This clear bag should:

  •  Be made from durable materials (zip-lock type bags may break).
  •  Have Adjustable straps so your parent)s) can wear it across the body or over one shoulder comfortably.

Seatbelt Cover

If someone has trouble with seatbelts sliding underneath their arms (as many older adults do), these seatbelt covers are helpful. They make sure the belt does not slide around the body and stay in place while traveling.
This seatbelt cover should:

  • Be able to fit most vehicles (make sure it fits comfortably over your parent(s) lap belt).
  • Come with a pocket for storing items; this will help keep things from sliding around the car.

Glow Stick

A glow stick is useful when being dropped off at a dark airport at night or if there is an emergency evacuation during a flight. It can also help light up pathways on nighttime hiking trips or walks through unfamiliar neighborhoods. If you want to make great use of this item:

  • Look for large glow sticks that are at least 8 inches long so they can be seen easily from a distance.
  • Get the kind that lights up for hours (otherwise they will use up the battery quickly and not last long).

Luggage Tags

These tags are useful if your parents leave behind their luggage at an airport or hotel. It is helpful to have one place to contact them on travel documents in case this happens. An ideal luggage tag should:

  • Have information about your parents(s) on both sides, including their name; this makes it easy for search personnel to find them easily when they are lost or misplaced items have already been found.

Travel Alarm Clock

This device is especially helpful when traveling by car. Without an alarm clock, it can be hard to track how long the trip is taking and when one should stop to rest. An ideal alarm clock for traveling:

  • Is small (this will make it easy to carry around).
  • Can be mounted on a car dashboard or on the window with suction cups (make sure these secure

Preparing for Travel Checklist

Preparing for Travel Checklist

A checklist such as this can be useful during travel. It makes it easy for someone to remember everything they need at home while packing, and when arriving at their destination safely. If you would like this item in your checklist:

  • Put only the most essential items on it so parents do not forget something important like medicine or a
    jacket (this checklist is only a supplement to what they already know that they may need).
  • Write the list in large font so it can easily be read by any traveling partners who might not be able to
    see very well

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

PIn case of an emergency, this information will allow anyone helping your parent(s) at the time (such as airport employees or other passengers on board an airplane) to quickly and correctly contact someone who knows about their medical history. Always keep these numbers with you:

  • In your wallet (you should even have them programmed into your phone, just in case).

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