As San Diego County’s “All-Inclusive” transportation provider, you can count on us to be there when you need it. Whether it’s an out-patient surgery during the week or getting grandma and grandpa home in their wheelchair, we’re HAPPY2HELP!

About Us

"we're here because we want to be"

Our services are tailored for traditional passengers, seniors and people with limited mobility in need of reliable transportation. We specialize in providing passengers a comfortable, efficient and personalized experience. 

HAPPY2HELP Transportation takes pride in being the most professional and cost-effective non-emergency transportation provider in San Diego County. Our services are tailored toward, but not limited to:

Our goal is to let you know we care. Medical procedures and appointments are stressful enough, the last thing anyone needs is to be concerned over how to safely get to where they need to be! When you request a ride with HAPPY2HELP Transportation you can rest assured your driver is professional, friendly and determined to exceed your expectations. 

If you’re uncertain of whether or not we can meet your needs, just give us a call, we’re HAPPY2HELP!



Safety is our #1 priority and as such, we enforce a strict approval process before employees get behind the wheel. To ensure our client’s safety, every driver has completed:

  • CTAA’s PASS BASIC program (focuses on sensitivity training for drivers that provide assistance to passengers with special needs)
  • CPR, AED and First-Aid training
  • Defensive Driving Training

In addition to securing our passenger’s safety we also preserve their piece of mind. We do this by obligating each driver to participate in:

  • Ongoing random drug and alcohol test
  • DMV’s Employer Pull Notice Program (improves public safety by allowing Happy2Help to monitor DL records to reveal problem drivers)
  • Background checks

When you partner with Happy2Help Transportation you’re choosing to be in good hands, literally! All of our drivers utilize hands-free devices to maximize your safety. Whether it’s using a Bluetooth headset to give clients a courtesy call or a car mount for effortless GPS directions, we guarantee you’re in safe hands. 


We are Happy2Help

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